2017 MCC Presenter Handouts

We invite you to review the information shared at the 2017 Medical Cannabis Conference.  As documents are added, the clickable link will be inserted under the  topic.


Ethan Russo, MD

“Cannabis Roots, a Neglected Herbal Resource”
Cannabis Roots A Neglected Herbal Resource
“Herbal & Nutritional Approaches toward Optimized Endocannabinoid Tone”
Herbal and Nutritional Approaches toward Optimized Endocannabinoid Tone

Jeff Hergenrather, MD


“Medical Marijuana 2017- In the Medicine Cabinet”
In the Medicine Cabinet  PPTX
“Developing a Treatment Plan”
Developing a Treatment Plan PPTX

Christian Le, MD
“Cancer Therapy Using Cannabis: Success, Failure and Lessons Learned”
“Treatment of Common Mood Disorders Using Cannabinoids and Terpenes”

Dustin Sulak, DO

“Cannabis for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention”
Cannabis for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
“Cannabis: A Solution to the Opioid Epidemic?”
Cannabis-A Solution to the Opioid Epidemic?

Jeff Raber, PhD
“Product Diversity in the Medical Cannabis Arena”
Medical Cannabis-Product Diversity  PPT
“Regulatory Compliance and Analytical Testing”
Regulatory Compliance -Overview   PPT

Mindy Bumgarner, M.S

“Efficient Growing Systems”

Tammi Sweet, MS, LMT

“The Physiology of Inflammation: When, Where and How Cannabis Helps”
Physiology of Inflammation Notes  PDF
“The Physiology Pathway for Pain, Cannabis and the Endogenous Cannabinoid system”
The Physiology of Pain  PDF

Jane Bothwell, Herbalist

“Herbal Allies”
Herbal Allies   Word Doc

Gillian Levy & Susan Cleverdon, Herbalists

“Herbal Kitchen”

Brie Malarkey, Herbalist
“A Business Like No Other: Lessons from an Oregon Cannabis Entrepreneur”

Kevin Spelman, Ph.D.

“What’s New in CBD”
“Beyond Cannabis: Medicinal Plants that Activate the ECS”