Medicinal Cannabis Conference Session Summaries

We are very excited about the learning opportunities that participants will have at the 3rd Annual Medicinal Cannabis Conference in Arcata, CA.

Our presenters will be educating and enlightening us:
Saturday 8:30am – 6:30pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 4:20pm

2017 Featured Panel Discussion:  Panel Description: Cannabis, Dispelling Myths 

The top Cannabis clinicians will tackle some of the myths of using Cannabis and discuss the ins and outs of Cannabis therapeutics.

Take a look at the sessions you won’t want to miss!  Details are added daily!

Ethan Russo, MD

“Cannabis Roots”

In this presentation, we will explore the long and forgotten history of the use of cannabis roots in medicine, from the time of Pliny to the present. We will also explore their fascinating pharmacology of triterpenoids and alkaloids, but without the cannabinoids found in the flowers. Possible practical applications in inflammation, cancer and skin care will be explored. Discover how a commonly discarded part of this versatile plant can contribute to your herbal armamentarium!

 “Herbal & Nutritional Approaches to Endocannabinoid Tone”

This presentation will present and expand on concepts presented in a recent Trends in Pharmacological Sciences article, Beyond Cannabis: Plants and the Endocannabinoid System, 2016. In fact, many common herbs and foodstuffs have modulatory roles on endocannabinoid levels, or affect cannabinoid receptors directly and indirectly. This extends from Echinacea species to black pepper, and many more herbs and spices. Additionally, we are just beginning to learn how the gastrointestinal microbiome may be the key to endocannabinoid optimization via the interplay of probiotic bacteria and prebiotic vegetables. Learn how to eat your way toward endocannabinoid health!

Tammi Sweet

“The Physiology Pathway for Pain, Cannabis and the Endogenous Cannabinoid system”

What better way to assist healing from acute or chronic pain, than to have a deeper understanding of the mechanism and benefit of pain? We will explore the pain pathway from the origin at the source, to the recognition in the brain, including the endogenous cannabinoid system. We will also discuss self-care, the myriad of methods to interrupt the chronic pain pathway, and when & where cannabis is applicable in alleviating pain.

“The Physiology of Inflammation: When, Where and How Cannabis Helps”

Inflammation is one of our primary defenses in the body and is a major cause/contributing factor to all illness and disease.  We will take an in-depth look at the entire process, when and if you one needs to alter the process, how and why inflammation is beneficial & when it is not beneficial. Cannabis and other herbs that help mediate inflammation will be discussed and finally we will overview an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

 Christian Le, MD

“Cancer Therapy Using Cannabis: Success, Failure and Lessons Learned”

In these case studies we will discuss the response of 2 cancer patients to Cannabis oil and what was successful and using hindsight, how it could have been more efficacious.

“Treatment of Common Mood Disorders Using Cannabinoids and Terpenes”

A discussion on important mood-modifying action of cannabinoids and terpenes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

 Mindy Bumgarner

“Efficient Growing Systems”

It is becoming ever more important for medicine producers to use the most efficient methods possible. Care must be taken to conserve water, power, and all other inputs required to produce quality medicine. This talk will review different growing methods which include both indoor and outdoor applications, to help growers discover some of the most efficient techniques available today.

Organic Growing: tips and tricks

We will discuss some best practices for successful medicine production using organic methods.  From ways to feed your plant to ways to treat and prevent disease and pests, this class will be great for beginners through advanced gardeners.  From seed or cutting through harvest, there are many important considerations for success. There will be time to ask questions and discuss with the group, possible solutions to your garden questions.

 Jeff Raber, PhD

“Product diversity in the medical cannabis arena”

An ever increasing proliferation of strain chemotypes, product forms and derivative product chemical compositions becoming available makes it exceptionally important for professionals to understand their diverse chemical compositions and what is most commonly seen on the market today. In addition to what is made available to patients, it is also important to understand how these products may be consumed or applied and what their metabolic fate might be, along with how those metabolites may impact the physiological effects to the patient. A detailed molecular perspective will be provided.

“Regulatory Compliance and Analytical Testing “

California’s newly formalized medical cannabis market is just beginning to take shape. A number of laws have recently been introduced and the regulations detailing the specific rules and finer points of those laws are now being developed. An overview of the basic regulatory outlines and some of the potential details of the analytical testing which may be required based on other state teachings will be provided and discussed.

Jane Bothwell, Herbalist

“Herbal Allies”

We will take a deeper look into herbs that support cannabis therapy & explore specific combinations to address common imbalances such as inflammation, insomnia, arthritis & pain.

Gillian Levy & Susan Cleverdon, Herbalists

“Herbal Kitchen”

We will share easy to follow home recipes to create your own topical cannabis products, edibles, tinctures & tea blends!

Jeff Hergenrather, MD   

“Medical Cannabis: Developing a Treatment Plan”

Clinicians and patients alike find themselves in the position of seeking and defining a treatment plan for a wide array of clinical conditions.  Some of the material required for developing a treatment plan is generic but for most patients there are specific needs that must be addressed to formulate a rational plan.  Even with this effort there is often need to follow up with adjustments in the plan to optimize treatment.  This presentation looks to the most common diagnoses and the development of the treatment plan from the perspective of the cannabis consultant.

“Medical Marijuana 2017- In the Medicine Cabinet”

Patients are directed from a doctor’s approval to a dispensary with little understanding about the array of expensive products that they will encounter.  Many patients are overwhelmed without knowledge of what to do.  Many times patients can’t possibly afford the medicine that they require.  Cannabis flowers can be grown and processed at home with ease and safety to create medicines that will meet those needs.  This presentation looks at the home processing of cannabis trim or flowers into the medicine cabinet.

Dustin Sulak, DO

“Cannabis for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention”                                 

Alongside substantial evidence that cannabis can be used to effectively treat some of the most common and challenging diseases in medicine, more data is emerging that suggests cannabis can also be used to prevent disease and promote health.  Dr. Sulak will review the evidence and physiologic mechanisms behind the use of cannabis to promote health and prevent disease in our quickly changing and often toxic world, and offer practical strategies for how to use cannabis to stay healthy.

“Cannabis: A Solution to the Opioid Epidemic?”

The United States is in the midst of an opioid addiction crisis, with over 70 overdose deaths daily, and countless lives ruined.  Despite numerous initiatives attempting to curb irresponsible prescribing, drug diversion, abuse, and overdose, the problem continues to escalate every year, and an effective solution is desperately needed.  Dr. Sulak will present the evidence that shows cannabis can potentiate the analgesia of opioids, improve the safety of opioids, prevent opioid tolerance and dose escalation, and treat the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.  He’ll provide practical treatment strategies for helping patients use cannabis to reduce and discontinue opioid use, along with data and narratives demonstrating the success of his patients in Maine.

Kevin Spelman, Ph.D    

“Latest Evidence Base on CBD”

This review of the supporting data will look at the growing evidence in support of the use of cannabidiol as a therapeutic agent.

“Beyond Cannabis: Medicinal Plants that Activate the ECS”

While most people think of supporting the endocannabinoid system through Cannabis, there are other medicinal plants that can also have positive effects on the ECS. We will review some of these other plant species.


The Medicinal Cannabis Conference is being held again this year in Arcata, CA , a beautiful college, coastal town amidst the magnificent redwoods.

Arcata Community Center
321 Community Park Way
Arcata, CA 95521    Map it!